It has come to our attention that what was previously published as our Official Statement was the draft instead of the final approved version thereof. Owing to this oversight, a republication of our public apology is in order. This republication is in reference to our Official Statement published in the 19 and 26 October 2019 issues of THE PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER and THE PHILIPPINE STAR. Our inadvertent error is sincerely regretted. We hereby present the correct version of our public apology, to wit:


WE APOLOGIZE to our residents and tenants at Urban Deca Homes Manila in Tondo, Manila.


Urban Deca Homes Manila is envisioned to provide affordable and decent shelter, and a good life to the underserved Filipino Family at the lowest equity option and low monthly amortization. In our zeal to provide our residents and tenants with the option to have quality Fixed-Line Fiber Internet, Wi-Fi, Cable Television, IP Camera and IP Phone in their homes, with 24/7 technical support, we entered into a contractual arrangement with an internet provider. It was unfortunate that this resulted in a situation where the internet service was limited to a single provider. This is not consistent with State policy, as contained in the Philippine Competition Act, to promote free and fair competition in trade, industry and all commercial economic activities.


8990 Holdings, Inc. fully adheres to the tenets of free and open competition, and it is one with the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) as it carries out its mandate to ensure fair competition in all markets. We will fully cooperate with the PCC on this regard.


To show our sincerity, we have invited Globe Telecom, Inc., PLDT, Inc., Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., and Sky Cable Corporation, and will be invitingĀ  all other Fixed-Line ISPS and telecommunications companies to enter Urban Deca Homes Manila and all the Urban Deca Homes developments all over the Philippines, offer their fixed-line internet services, and install fixed-line internet fiber optic cables under such non-discriminatory and reasonable terms as may be mutually agreed by the parties.


Again, we apologize very profusely to our residents and tenants, especially to those who found it necessary to seek the aid of the Philippine Competition Commission.