For its significant contribution to the National Government’s efforts to provide every Filipino worker with the opportunity to own a home, top mass housing developer 8990 Housing Development Corp. was awarded the Excellence Award during the Pag-IBIG Fund Chairman’s Report for 2022.

The recognition, handed out last March 28, 2023, acknowledged 8990 for being the No. 2 ranked Pag-IBIG Fund Accredited Developer for the year 2022.

Atty. Anthony Vincent Sotto, President and CEO of 8990 Holdings, Inc., recalled how they always benefited from the Pag-IBIG Fund’s support, first back in 2003 when the company was just starting out and at the height of the pandemic in 2020 when banks tightened their borrowing policies.

“Today, 8990 is being recognized as a top mass housing developer with projects all over the country. This would not have happened without the support of Pag-IBIG Fund. If there’s  someone who should be recognized, it should be the men and women of Pag-IBIG Fund,” he added in his message during the awarding.

The company dedicates the distinction to its team of workers and seller partners for their admirable effort and dedication that have made the award possible. It will serve as a constant reminder of 8990’s efforts to provide housing to the Filipino people.

 “God bless all the families we have touched and whose lives we have transformed through the dignity of home ownership,” said 8990 Holdings, Inc. Chair Mariano D. Martinez Jr.