Homeowners of Urban Deca Homes Ortigas will soon enjoy a central hub where they can come together, hold events, and enjoy recreational activities after the blessing of the residential development’s huge and modern multipurpose clubhouse on April 9, 2023.

The facility is a three-level structure with a total lot area of 1,562.60 sq. m.


Two levels serve as indoor spaces with floor-to-ceiling glass walls while the topmost level is an al fresco viewing deck. It’s the perfect venue for Urban Deca Homes Ortigas homeowners to hold family and community functions like birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, as well as educational and cultural activities.

It adds value to the Ortigas neighborhood by providing a venue where residents can socialize and build connections. The clubhouse will act as a focal point for interaction resulting in a stronger bond among neighbors and enhancing the overall quality of life in the UDH Ortigas residential development.