It may have already grown and expanded to become the leading mass housing developer today, but 8990 Holdings has remained steadfast to its promise of providing decent, affordable shelter to every Filipino.

Having completed over 74,000 homes in 58 projects in the last 17 years, 8990 Holdings knows that it still has a long way to go in helping resolve the country’s massive housing backlog of 6.5 million units, a social malaise that continues to deprive many Filipino families of their basic right to a decent shelter. This is exactly what continues to drive the company to pursue its goal of helping the hardworking Filipino make that dream of owning a home a reality.

There is no doubt that 8990 Holdings is uniquely positioned to cater to the Philippines’ most underserved housing segment.

Given its ability to understand the needs of the mass housing market, 8990 Holdings was able to provide not just quality shelters but also decent communities for its homebuyers. Hence, it’s unsurprising that 8990 was able to cement its foothold in this segment early on.


It started with horizontal mass housing subdivision projects, before venturing into medium-rise building (MRB) condominium projects. The company began development of its first MRB mass housing project in Cebu in 2008 and has now expanded the MRB projects in Muntinlupa and in Tondo, Manila.

It continued an aggressive expansion in many areas across the country and added high-rise residential towers to its portfolio. Currently, there are three brands namely DECA Homes, Urban DECA Homes, and Urban DECA Towers.

Today, the company even has 20 ongoing projects that will soon provide decent, affordable housing to more Filipinos. Three proposed developments on the pipeline are meanwhile expected to deliver approximately 9,800 units upon completion.







Innovative approaches

Beyond building structures, 8990 Holdings ensured that its target market will have access to quality, decent housing.

As such, it rolled out innovative measures that include an affordable pricing and payment model, a robust credit management system, as well as in-house financing program to cater to homebuyers who do not have the accumulated savings to pay the often high downpayments for homes, but have sufficient recurring income to support monthly amortization payments. Under this program, customers only pay a minimal downpayment and can quickly move into their chosen homes. The company then retains ownership of such homes until full payment is made

8990 Holdings also advocates financial literacy for its homeowners. Buyers are required to undergo a short financial literacy seminar before they can reserve a unit. This helps the buyers assess their capacity to own a home and, more importantly, enable them to realize why it is necessary to meet their monthly amortizations and how this can be achieved.

For the developer, it is important that homebuyers realize the value of their investment.

For the developer, it is important that homebuyers realize the value of their investment.

Cost savings, efficiencies

Urban Deca Homes Manila provides more Filipinos with the opportunity to own a home in the city

8990 Holdings also rolled out innovations in building construction and processes to provide cost savings, which can be passed on to its buyers.

For instance, 8990 Holdings has developed a unique building system that makes use of a pre-cast construction process, enabling it to complete projects in a cost- and time-efficient manner without compromising on quality and standards. Through this process, the company is able to construct townhouses and single-storey attached units in just eight to 10 days, with an additional five days for single-story houses with lofts.

Transforming lives

Driven by the belief that housing is not just about houses but, first and foremost, about people, 8990 Holdings sees housing as merely a vehicle to transform the lives of people for the better. Aside from having a business that proves profitable, the property developer aims to have a significant social impact to the country.

From day one of its inception, 8990 Holdings has made it its objective to do something bigger for the Philippines than just being a homebuilder. It has paved the way in showing those in the industry that there is much potential even in the most unassuming of neighborhoods. And that focusing on this large underserved segment of Filipinos who are in need of affordable yet decent housing can undoubtedly give our country a much needed boost towards inclusive growth and sustainable development.

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