A property developer’s presence in a certain locale can be quite significant.

In most cases, such massive property projects can breathe new life into these towns, municipalities and even cities, generating fresh jobs and a new source of income for the local government.

New projects can also help uplift the quality of lives of the residents, further refresh the landscape, and even turn these sleepy locales into vibrant, thriving hubs.

At certain times, a developer’s presence alone can already spur an urban renewal of sorts, much to the benefit of the residents and the surrounding communities.

Such is the case for 8990 Holdings Inc., whose affordable housing projects across the country do not only offer hardworking Filipinos the opportunity to own a decent, affordable home, but also enable the communities to further improve.

And of course, its presence in Tondo, Manila, is no different, where it is poised to breathe new life within the district.

Prof. Enrique Soriano, executive director at Wong+Bernstein Advisory Group, and former Ateneo program director for real estate, noted that the presence of 8990 in the heart of Tondo is a much welcome development.

“Their housing program is fundamentally sound, to provide housing and improve the quality of life for low-income families in the community and to enhance Tondo’s urban renewal,” Soriano said in an interview with Inquirer Property.

“Having these twin objectives translates to some form of a social movement. It not only provides affordable housing for low-income families, but integrates a community-driven development that is complemented with commercial and retail anchors. With urban renewal a work in progress, we can expect Tondo’s real estate values to rise steadily as more community-type developments get under way,” he further explained.

Betting big on Tondo, 8990 Holdings is putting up Urban Deca Homes Manila, a mixed use development that will rise within an 8.4-ha property. It will feature key amenities that are similar to what one can find in other higher priced residential projects.

The said development is targeted to cater to residents of Tondo and those living in the Port Area, Intramuros, Divisoria and the Camanava (Caloocan-Malabon-Navotas-Valenzuela) area.

Within this property will rise an 11,000-sqm shopping center called Deca Mall. This serves as an extension of Urban Deca Manila’s amenities area where families and friends can spend some quality time. At the same time, Deca Mall will offer a platform for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to thrive.

Apart from providing homes in this part of the metro, 8990 Holdings is also spearheading beautification projects in the Vitas area, organizing cleanups of streets and esteros.

Without a doubt, 8990 Holdings will once again be that gamechanger in this arena, a great equalizer and an enabler, providing hope and decent homes to many hardworking Filipinos seeking for a better life.

Reference Link: http://Inquirer.Net