There are different reasons why consumers choose certain products.

Purchase decisions are often defined by one’s preference, budget and needs. There are those who make a purchase for investment purposes, while others buy for their own use or as a way to upgrade their current lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, what would most likely clinch that decision to buy would be a product’s unique value proposition and its so-called return of investment.

Buying a home

Such is the case for many homebuyers looking to invest on their first home and whose decision-making is markedly defined by price and quality.

Good thing that there are now a myriad of choices available in the market, thus according both homebuyers and investors the privilege to become even more critical and discerning of their choice. Some developers offer better pricing and financing schemes, while others bank on the quality of their projects and their solid, credible reputation.

But what if you can have all these criteria in one purchase?

While it may seem impossible at first, this is exactly what 8990 Holdings Inc. has long been doing—providing the market with affordable yet quality homes. As a steady partner of many hardworking Filipinos, 8990 Holdings has created communities that continue to further enhance the lives of many, including that of proud homeowner, Rica Pascual.

“I was really looking for a good first investment because it’s hard earned money that I will be using. Initially I thought it was impossible for me to have my own home given the huge amount that it would entail,” Pascual explained.

“I was afraid to inquire and purchase a unit because I always thought that I couldn’t afford one as (condominium units) are known to be too expensive. Then there were also concerns about access to loans, terms of payment, and most importantly the quality of the unit that I can buy given the limited budget that I have. However, everything changed after I attended 8990’s orientation about the Urban Deca Homes project,” she further shared.

Urban Deca Homes Manila is a mixed-use development within an 8.4 hectare property in Tondo, Manila. It will have 13 buildings with a total of 13,212 units and an 11,000 sqm mall within the property. The said development, according to 8990 Holdings, is targeted to cater to residents of Tondo and those living in the Port Area, Intramuros, Divisoria and the Camanava (Caloocan-Malabon-Navotas-Valenzuela) area.

Attractive investment

Unit prices at Urban Deca Homes Manila range from only P1.4 million to P2 million. This would mean that the typical monthly amortization for studio units in this project would be less than P12,000. And what further makes it a really attractive investment is the fact that 8990 Holdings offers one of the longest loan tenures in the market, thus enabling more Filipinos to afford a unit in any of its projects.

“I chose a unit at 8990’s Urban Deca Manila in Tondo because it is easy to acquire. They offer a financing scheme with a lower interest rate and which can be paid for 25 years. And there is even an option to get a home loan from Pag-Ibig. I really think it’s a good buy because apart from the low interest rate, it’s also easy to move in and there are no hidden charges,” she shared.

“It is truly affordable, of good quality and can be considered as a really good investment,” Pascual added.

Today, Pascual is more than happy to have found a good quality project within Tondo, where she was born and raised. Her unit at Urban Deca Homes Manila, after all, allowed her “to stay in a decent and affordable shelter in a place that I love and will be living in my whole life.”

New profession

But it wasn’t only a home that Pascual found—she also discovered a new profession that presented a different kind of challenge and fulfillment. From being secondary teacher to a sales agent, Pascual realized that her first investment gave her more than just a tangible asset.

“After buying a unit at Urban Deca Manila, I realized that I can earn my one year salary from my teaching profession by selling Deca units in just one month. This is important for me because this is my first investment and it didn’t fail me. In fact, I now have more friends and connections, and they trust me as well. Before, it was just my dream to eat in a fancy restaurant, but now we can afford it. We can also travel now,” Pascual shared.

“I’m really thankful that I became a sales agent for 8990 Holdings. I know that I can sell more projects and I can help more people like me, who grew up in poverty. Urban Deca Homes Manila is a real Tondominium,” she concluded.

For those who want to experience the same fulfillment and success that Pascual had achieved, you can visit Urban Deca Homes Manila’s open house today from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Reference Link: Philippine Daily Inquirer