8990 is one with the nation in the fight to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate the valuable contributions of those on the frontlines, many of which, are Deca/Urban Deca homeowners. We also commend the majority of our homeowners who stayed at home and continued to pay their monthly amortization.

These are challenging times and we know you share our belief that our financial resources right now should be allocated on the essentials such as food, medicine, and shelter.

We understand that many of you are worried that you won’t be able to fund your postdated checks on time especially with limited transportation due to the enhanced/general community quarantine being implemented by the government. That is why we have opened up alternative payment channels such as: (1) over the counter payment in any BDO branch; and (2) BDO online fund transfer that you can use while our offices are closed. Kindly call our hotline numbers so that you may be guided accordingly. You may also text us so we will be the one to call and guide you:

For North Luzon Projects (Savannah Green Plains, Deca Clark Resort Residences, Urban Deca Homes Marilao, Deca Homes Marilao): +639988408656 / +639998878782

For NCR/South Luzon Projects (Urban Deca Homes Manila. Urban Deca Tower EDSA, Urban Deca Homes Ortigas, Urban Deca Homes Campville, Urban Deca Homes Hampton and Mahogany, Bella Vista): +639209748580 / +639998878782

For Visayas Projects (Deca Homes South of Bacolod, Deca Homes Pavia, Deca Homes Pavia Resort Residences, Deca Homes Santa Barbara, Deca Homes Gregoria Residences, Urban Deca Homes Tipolo, Urban Deca Homes Tisa, Urban Deca Homes H. Cortes, Deca Homes Mactan):  +63 9985970970 / +639209748581 / +639989638149

For Mindanao Projects(Deca Homes GenSan, Deca Homes Indangan, Deca Homes Mulig, Deca Homes Talomo, Deca Homes Esperanza): +639985823365/ +639989638149

We also recognize that some of you may not be able to pay on time while others who have really been affected financially will need to restructure payments. Hence, we have set up a Helpdesk to cater to your specific individual queries or requests:

For North Luzon Projects:                  [email protected]

For NCR/South Luzon Projects:         [email protected]

For Visayas Projects:                          [email protected]

For Mindanao Projects:                       [email protected]

This global pandemic is affecting all our families, our communities and way of life. As part of the Deca Family, our commitment to you is to do whatever we can to support you the best way that we can so you can focus on what is truly important right now —- the lives and safety of your families.

As we go forward, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions, ideas, and feedback.

Kindness, patience, and partnership will get us through this and we are here for you.